Optimus Maximusお預け中 [コンピューター]

全キートップに、話題の有機ELを搭載した、なまら豪華なキーボードのOptimus Maximusを注文してはや半年。今年のクリスマスに届く予定で、今年一番の有益な買い物になる筈だったのだが、以下のようなお詫びメールが。

At the moment the first lot of Optimus Maximus keyboards has been produced, but unfortunately we cannot ship them due to the delays in developing firmware and software.

Here is the reason for the delay. We have chosen a Philips processor that fully satisfied all our requirements. But as it is new as a product for Philips, they still experience some problems with the processor and we are compelled to work with draft documentation.

Nevertheless, much of the work on firmware has been completed. The keyboard already has basic functionality-it can switch images displayed on the keys (within a single layout set by the user). For example, the images will change accordingly if you press Shift or Num Lock while typing.

If experience and patience is not a problem for you, we are ready to offer prompt delivery of Optimus Maximus. The fact is that easy update of firmware will be possible only as the next version appears. So before that replacing the current firmware version with the next one is likely to present certain difficulties. If you do not have professional skills you may run into troubles installing and updating software. That is why we mention experience and patience :-).

Current available versions of firmware and software are for PCs. So it is out of reach for Mac users till the end of January unless they have friends with PCs.

We are going to have new versions of firmware and software available on our website, so eventually the keyboard will function as advertised (and become even better).

If you are ready to spend your weekend nursing the keyboard and choose to have it now, please send us a confirmation and we will send you your Optimus Maximus.

If you can wait to receive your Optimus Maximus, we can offer to deliver it the end of February. We will be able to offer you the product meeting your and our expectations.

We are sorry for this state of affairs and hope for your understanding.

Thank you for your confidence.

We look forward to hear from you.

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なんと、アレを予約していたのですな。僕も咽頭から前腕が出ほど欲しかったのです。でも前にOptimus Miniをさわる機会があって、その時のキータッチが「ぐにゃ」という気色悪いものだったので様子見でした。今回の製品ではキータッチは改善されているんだろうか。
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